Please pray for my dad, G.Q., peace, comfort, hope in Jesus, as he grief for the loss of my mom. Also for Leslie, Frances, David: May God's healing grace abound. More so, they will know God's love.

Sep-17 / last prayer 2h ago
Jesse Valdez Jr.

Update:Answered prayer, I will be having a interview with Colorado Springs Utilities on Wednesday. Please continue to pray that I do well and am hired. Thank you for your prayers.

Sep-12 / last rejoice 2h ago
Afghan Refugees

Pray for the families & friends of the escape guides that were captured as they grieve their murders by the Tlbn. Ask for wisdom, care, direction & protection for all involved in the rescue missions.

Sep-12 / last prayer 2h ago
Sarah's Home

PLEASE, pray with us that our girls would be drawn by the mighty power of our God to His truth...which will set them free.

Sep-13 / last prayer 2h ago

I got covid 10 days ago. It was mild but made my fatigue worse. His mom's stress is getting to me. She doesn't want us staying with her even though I've quarantine past 10 days. Pray for guidance.

Sep-10 / last prayer 2h ago
Kristi Randall

My husband and I have an opp to move. Prayers God will provide the right realtor, that the right house will open up. It won't take months to buy. We want to move soon. Prayers against discouragement

Sep-20 / last prayer 2h ago
Sarah's Home

Please, pray that God's wisdom permeates all of Sarah's Home.

Sep-20 / last prayer 2h ago